Is the Business Liquidation Process an Exit Strategy or a Solution to Insolvency?
22 Sep 2021

Is the Business Liquidation Process an Exit Strategy or a Solution to Insolvency?

“Being trapped is just a position, not a

22 Sep 2021

“Being trapped is just a positionnot a fate.” (The Obstacle is the Way, Ryan Holiday, 2014)

It is a nightmare for an owner or CEO of a company to witness their hard-built businesses to struggle to stay afloat and put their and their company’s reputation in jeopardy.

The wisest business owners see the problem as an opportunity to adjust their path and make their business even better, while others panic. Nervousness in leadership is always counterproductive and can lead to dire consequences.

While forecasting future cash flow, profit and loss in a time of uncertainty, it is easy to make the mistake of underestimating your company’s assets and not giving any importance to the brand name and good reputation that you spent so much time and effort building.

Still, it is essential to remember that difficulties can happen to the best of well-run businesses throughout the world. Circumstances change! Unexpected fall of supply and demand on product lines, changes in buyers’ tastes and expectations, an unexpected turn of events in the world and its consequences on the economy, unintentional mistakes of the owners – all this is part of running a business.

When dealing with such issues, time is of the essence! A business facing insolvency can be like a person who needs to visit the ER. If you don’t act quickly, it might be too late; your suppliers and employees might react negatively, and you can find yourself facing bankruptcy.

How you react to these changed circumstances can make all the difference. The best course of action is to stay calm and seek professional help in the liquidation field, try to minimize the damage, and move ahead with confidence.

There are three professional companies in the liquidation industry that you can turn to with confidence:

1- Gordon Brothers

2- Gibraltar Sales Group

2- Hilco Global

Out of the three, I would like to recommend the Gibraltar sales group. They will appraise the value of your company’s physical inventory fairly, and give more importance to your brand name and your company’s solid reputation in your community.

It is worth noting that while other companies might be looking to make quick money on liquidating your hard-earned assets, Gibraltar Sales Group (GSG) will approach this unfortunate turn of events in your company by making the most of your strengths and helping you overcome the difficulties while preserving your reputation.

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